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Top 6 Reasons Busy Facilities Use
RGP to Run Their Operations

From customer management to monthly billing to POS, Rock Gym Pro does everything we need it to, and it does it all amazingly well. All the features are so easy to use!

- Damian Cooksey, Owner Bridges Rock Gym, El Cerrito, CA

RGP Can Manage The Volume

Rock Gym Pro was specifically developed to handle the unique complexities of high volume facilities with recurring memberships, drop-ins and groups. It’s the most robust and flexible member management software available.

Your Staff Will Love It

The daily functions that your front desk staff will use are fast and intuitive. With Rock Gym Pro, long waits at the front desk are a thing of the past.

Fast, Simple Integrations

Rock Gym Pro integrates with most of the tools you need to run your business, including: QuickBooks, Stripe, Credit Card Processing, SendGrid and Smartwaiver.

RGP Cloud is a Game Changer

Rock Gym Pro is loved by so many high-volume facilities because it’s robust and FAST. The reason: RGP was developed as installed software. In 2017, we announced RGP Cloud. With RGP Cloud you get the speed of installed software with the convenience of accessing your data and files in the cloud.

We Like to Update the Software... Frequently

We’re a small and nimble team that implements big ideas quickly. Most of these ideas come directly from customer feedback. We listen to our customers’ changing needs and take great pride in being able to develop new features and enhancements that make businesses run smoother. Since 2008, we’ve released over 80 new versions of the software and have no plans of slowing down.

You’ll Get Fanatical Customer Support

We're a customer-centric company in every sense of the word. All members of our U.S.-based customer support team have facility operations backgrounds, so we appreciate the daily challenges you face. From the day you sign up, we'll be with you every step of the way making sure you're getting the most out of the software.

See how Rock Gym Pro's member management software can help your high-volume facility.

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