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A Comparison Between Rock Gym Pro and Mindbody

We often get asked about the differences between the fitness and wellness software, Mindbody, and Rock Gym Pro. Our first response is to highlight the fact that Rock Gym Pro was specifically built for high volume facilities - the main reason over 90% of indoor climbing gyms use Rock Gym Pro to manage their business.
Below is a comparison chart that lists the features climbing gym owners care about most.
Rock Gym Pro Mindbody
Product Features
Point of Sale
Membership Management
Branded Online Booking and Calendar
Online Membership Sales
Online Gift Card Sales
Designed for High-Volume Facilities ?
Rock Gym Pro was developed to handle the unique complexities of high-volume climbing centers - from backend data structures to frontdesk workflows. The busiest climbing gyms in the world (2k+ daily check-ins) trust Rock Gym Pro to manage their business.
Fast Customer Check-ins ?
Because Rock Gym Pro was developed for high-volume facilities, customer check-ins and transactions occur at lightning-fast speeds, reducing wait times and queues at the front desk. Mindbody can take multiple seconds per click before receiving a response from their shared servers, resulting in hours of wasted time for front desk staff and frustration for waiting customers.
Designed for Yoga Studios
Integrated Digital Waivers Included in Price ?
Rock Gym Pro includes a FREE Smartwaiver account that seamlessly integrates into the software.

Mindbody offers an integration with 3rd party waiver software for an additional fee. For most facilities, this adds up to hundreds of dollars per month.
Auto-Expired Minor Waivers ?
In Rock Gym Pro, minor participant waivers automatically expire when the participant reaches the “age of majority”. The participant will then be required to sign a new waiver as an adult - an important feature for climbing gyms looking to limit liability.
Desktop and Cloud Version ?
With Rock Gym Pro you can use an installed desktop version OR RGP Cloud. With RGP Cloud you get the speed of installed software with the convenience of accessing your data and files in the cloud.
QuickBooks Online Integration ?
You can transfer your daily sales and payment information from Rock Gym Pro directly into QuickBooks Online.
QuickBooks Desktop Integration ?
You can transfer your daily sales and payment information from Rock Gym Pro directly into QuickBooks Desktop.
Staff Action PIN Tracking ?
Because front desk employees at most climbing facilities share workstations and don’t always log in/out, tracking employee actions with a login is ineffective. Rock Gym Pro tracks all employee actions by an assigned PIN for maximum accountability.
Business Owns Their Database ?
When you have a Rock Gym Pro account, YOU own the database of customers.
Online Guest Purchases ?
Rock Gym Pro allows website visitors to purchase online items with or without creating a customer account also known as a “Guest Purchase”. Mindbody requires website visitors to create a customer profile before an online purchase - a big barrier to online sales.
Duplicate Customer Check ?
Rock Gym Pro ensures that no duplicate customer records are created in the database.
Check-in List ?
A self check-in system designed to get customers into the gym quickly while providing staff members an overview screen of their members and guests.
Reporting Designed For Climbing Gyms ?
Rock Gym Pro provides powerful reporting and analysis tools that help you make better business decisions. Because the software was designed specifically for climbing facilities, climbing gym managers will find the reports to be incredibly useful and intuitive.
Event Document System ?
Rock Gym Pro’s Event Document System (EDS) simplifies event and group management by associating waivers/documents with participants of specific events. The EDS also allows group leaders (inside or outside the organization) to view which participants have signed.
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* Mindbody is a registered trademark of MINDBODY, Inc. Comparison based on data as of 7/20/2019.

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