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Software Version History

V1.1.121247 – Released 6/05/17

V1.1.119757 – Released 4/05/17

V1.1.119265 – Released 3/14/17

V1.1.118059 – Released 1/24/17

V1.1.116676 – Released 12/4/16

V1.1.115464 – Released 10/5/16

  • Please see the changes document for this release.   XP/Vista no longer supported.  Windows 7 or later (including .NET 4.5) required.

V1.1.112823 – Released 6/19/2016

  • Bug fixes

V1.1.112466 – Released 6/5/2016

V1.1.111770 – Released 4/11/2016

V1.1.110521 – Released 3/15/2016

V1.1.109009 – Released 1/18/2016

v1.1.108096 – Released 12/6/2016

v1.1.107243 – Released 11/2/2015

v1.1.106585 – Released 10/4/2015

v1.0.64304 – Released 5/3/2015

  • Bug fixes

v1.0.64018 – Released 4/30/2015

  • Calendar -> Manage Event:  New button to email all instructors
  • Bug fixes

v1.0.63659 – Released 4/7/2015

  • You can now override the default offering participant limitations for a specific event. You can find this new options in Calendar -> Manage Event -> Event Properties. This was a popular request, and now it is available!
  • Event instructors can now have notes assigned that appear when you hover over the event
  • New method for computing the tax inclusive rate hint. You can keep the existing method or use the new method. See the options in Data Entry -> Settings -> Sales Tax
  • Bug Fix – there were instances where thank you/reminder emails were not going out as planned.  Fixed.

v1.0.62773 – Released 3/4/2015

  • Bug Fix – multigym gift card assignment did not properly assign the customer.  Fixed
  • Bug Fix – when saving youth program group rosters as CSV, there was bogus HTML characters includes.  Fixed.
  • Bug Fix – calendar within RGP could only go back 6 months.   Now goes back 5 years.
  • Bug Fix – in extremely rare circumstances, an online transaction could be downloaded twice.  Fixed.
  • Bug Fix – currency character was not localized in POS History for a $0 situation

v1.0.62286 – Released 2/8/2015

  • Integrated online gift cards.   Be sure to read the documentation

v1.0.61904 – Released 1/24/2015


  • All primary reporting functions have been moved to the new REPORTING menu in Data Entry
  • You can now schedule most reports to be emailed nightly, weekly, or monthly. Woot!
  • Customer queries can now be saved as reusable Custom Reports.
  • Capability of adding bulk tags on customers returned from Customer Queries
  • New Membership Retention Analysis window. More information on these reports are available at
  • New Customer Activity Analysis reports. More information on these reports are available at


  • New Advanced Purchased Product custom action: This trigger allows you to send emails based on products purchased some # of days in the past. You can also limit the email to only go to certain customer types. An example use: “Send an email to a customer who purchased a groupon product 30 days ago but has not become a member”
  • Prepaid Expiration Action: The number of days to look-ahead is now customizable.


  • Multi-Language Support! The online portion of the booking system can now be in French or English.
  • Assigned instructors are now displayed in the tooltip popup when you hover over an event
  • A warning appears if you try to double-schedule an instructor
  • The main calendar previously hid the month selector on narrow monitors. This has been changed to be a checkbox that is default to UNCHECKED on small monitors
  • If “Show Instructors Online” is enabled for an offering, the instructor names will be shown in the online calendar


  • Print button avaialble on the group waitlist tab


  • You can now place a required checkbox on the document. Use the //checkbox// tag. Those facilities with many initials on their waiver may consider switching to the checkbox to speed things up for their customers.



v1.0.60635 – Released 12/2/2014

Booking System

  • Stripe Reconciliation Report added to help with reconciling your online booking payments. See this thread for additional information:
  • You can now copy/duplicate offerings within Manage Calendar. Right mouse-click on an existing offering and select Copy/Duplicate
  • Bulk timeslots can now be added to a schedule rule
  • You can now build up to 3,000 recurring events into the future for an offering. But be aware this does slow down calendar generation when there are changed or new bookings. For reference, the previous limit was 2,000
  • The participant roster in Manage Event now has sortable columns
  • The group check-in window is resizable
  • The customer subtype is show next to the membership type when selecting participants in Manage Event
  • Booking notes previously did not record which staff member made the change. Fixed.
  • Calendar and recurring events can go out to 52 weeks instead of the current 26 weeks (but take note of the warning above about building LOTS of recurring events)
  • Unfortunately, Google Calendar feeds have been dropped from the online calendar widgets. Google removed the API that was being used.

Other Changes

  • Discount names now recorded as part of transaction and will be visible in the discount report (for transactions moving forward)
  • Inventory count report can now optionally include inactive products
  • Invoice & Payments – Print Invoice History now has facility name up top
  • When Data Entry is brought into the foreground with the Data Entry tab, the search box is highlighted
  • Youth Program Groups – Waitlist is default sorted by join date
  • Total Check-In Report – crashed in some multi-gym installations. Fixed.


v1.0.59313 – Released 10/13/2014

Booking System

  • Thank You and Reminder emails for events in the booking systems
  • Private iCal feeds available for your booked events.  These can be shared with staff and managers to allow external viewing of booked events
  • Staff can now edit the subtitle of a custom event, an example might be “Birthday Party – Smith”
  • Customer query constraints for events
  • A new option on Offerings to not request the address from customers booking online  You might consider using this for frequently booked events like Yoga
  • The calendar application can be password protected for managers only.  This may be useful when testing out the system or when you are building up your schedule for the first time.
  • Last check-in date is shown on the participant roster

Other Improvements

  •  New email action to send an email to expiring prepaid members (those members expiring in +7 days)
  • Edit Customer button (actually a small link) is now available on the POS screen.  It’s a small link due to limited real estate on small monitors
  • The POS check-in screen will now prompt the staff “Debit punch?” when checking in punch card users.  This was a popular request as often punch card users are buying a discounted day pass and did not want to have a punch debited

v1.0.58474 – Released 9/7/2014


  • Online booking and calendar system – documentation available
  • Postal code report – see which postal codes your customers are from

v1.0.53768 – Released 2/24/2014


  • Youth Program Groupshistory is now available for additions and removals from a group. History prior to this update is not available, but moving forward all changes will be logged and visible via the HISTORY button.
  • Youth Program Groups – DOCUMENT button now available
  • Check In – MORE button has with added to provide access to the Invoice and Payments, Documents, and Check In history for the selected custom.
  • Billing – An EDIT CUSTOMER button has been added to the CREDITS tab.
  • Find Documents – deleted waivers are now logged in the audit log for later review.
  • Customer Queries – Youth Program Group customer constraint added
  • Guest Pass Report – new report added
  • Gift Card Report – total added to bottom
  • Status Change Window – you can now load the customer list into Data Entry

Bug fixes:

  • Charting and Visualization – some Windows 7 computers would experience an occasional crash related to a bug in Windows. Fixed.
  • Customer selection in POS/Check-In – the date of birth column was not properly sorted in date order (it would sort in text order). Fixed
  • Check In – customer notes were not displayed when a member guest pass was used. Fixed.
  • POS – transaction memos were not recorded for invoiced transactions. Fixed
  • Youth Program Groups – on small monitors, some of the buttons would not be visible on the screen. Fixed

v1.0.51205 – Released 11/3/2013

  • New youth program groups feature to help you manage your recurring youth programs such as climbing teams and clubs. Please see the details page for the youth program groups feature.
  • Bulk scanning (multigym) – you can now assign a document to a customer at a remote gym
  • Electronic waiver documents can be configured to “check” either Policy 1 or Policy 2. This is useful for orientation forms that should be tracked using those policies. To setup a waiver document to do this, go to Data Entry -> Manage -> Waiver Station and edit the document. Select either Policy 1 or Policy 2 in the form type drop down.
  • Invoice & Payments button is available for the selected customer at POS. This is useful to check a customer’s payment history, particularly when searching a deposit or similar at POS.
  • Sales tax can now be optionally included in the Sales Summary Grid
  • POS payment completion window hot-keys work as they did in a prior version.  The most recent release changed their default behavior.
  • Any non-inventory product can now be prorated at POS via the PRORATE button
  • Punch history can be printed from the Punch Card tab on a customer record
  • Power Users can now change the date of a check-in in Check In history
  • Check-In grid can be printed from the main Check-In window
  • Check number displayed in payment gistory
  • Bug fix: the ability to email reports to multiple participants was broken. Fixed.

v1.0.49326 – Released 8/20/2013

  • The ability to bulk download your remote/cloud documents to your local computer.  This new feature is located in the Document Management window.  If you have  many documents/waivers, this download will obviously take a while.
  • Frozen members with punches will now properly have a punch debited when they check-in
  • Waiver assignment history window looks much further back and displays who the waiver was assigned to.  This will aid in locating misassigned waivers
  • Punches Remaining report
  • Many small bug fixes

v1.0.47587 – Released 6/15/2013

  • An Alternate-Freeze-Fee is now available – including free freezes.  Available on the Status tab of a customer record, this new setting allows you to set a specific freeze rate for an individual customer.  This is particularly useful for free freezes (injuries, etc.)
  • Terminations Chart is split by Prepaid/EFT
  • Add-On products that are inactive will not be charged during billing.   This is useful if you have an add-on product such as Team Dues, and you don’t want to collect them for the summer months.  You can keep the add-on product assigned to the customers, but just make it inactive for the months you don’t want to charge that product
  • Prepaid members <3 months can now be frozen.  Your staff is warned, but they can proceed.  The primary purpose of this change was to allow free freezes for injuries (when combined with the alternate-freeze-fee above).
  • Receipts can be conveniently emailed at POS or in POS history
  • Z-Out edits/deletes are now recorded in the Audit History
  • Gift cards can now support letters and numbers
  • iPad waivers are now listed on the first (in-gym) tab in Find Documents
  • iPad and Online waivers are now kept for 60 days
  • When displaying the time clock report, the job-code list is now drawn from ALL gyms.  Previously, although the report was multigym, the list of job codes was only from the local gym
  • Photos are now transferred with members between gym
  • Staff can now put a note on their time clock record
  • Restock report now has a label for either RESTOCK/TRANSFER
  • New constraints – Has Alternate Freeze Fee
  • New constraints – Has Value (any) in Custom1 or Custom2 texts

V1.0.46551 – Released 4/28/2013

  • Waiver System
    • Significantly improved waiver delivery speed
    • If you are using just ipad/online waivers, the Find Documents waiver will default to that list
    • Document type is now displayed in the Find Document list.  This is useful if you are using the waiver system for multiple types of documents such as facility orientations, belay checks, etc.
  • Customer Management
    • Customer photo displayed when selecting them at POS or Check IN
    • XCharge – Credit card expiration dates can now be updated without having the original credit card number
    • XCharge – Credit card numbers can be copied from one customer to another (managers only, same location)
    • (Multigym) ACH and Notes are now transferred between locations when a customer is transferred
  • Reporting
    • Journal Entry Report – this is useful if you are using an accounting package other than Quickbooks.  You can save this report as a CSV file and then import the journal entries into any accounting package (this assumes your accounting package has the import ability – obviously that is out of RGP’s control!)
    • Total Check In Report – shows check-in total by day for a date range
    • Reports can be emailed to multiple recipients
    • Most reports can now be exported in CSV format
    • (Multigym)  Timeclock report can now optionally include other locations
  • Quickbooks
    • You can now assign a class to all your journal entries from RGP, useful for the new multigym QB feature
    • (Multigym)  You can now transfer journal entries from ANY location, thus allowing a single QB file to be used for multiple locations
  • New Settings/Options
    • Custom Policy 1 and Policy 2 can be set to expire after a certain number of months
    • Custom Policy 1 and Policy 2 Alerts (when missing) can be limited to just day users (i.e. non-members or punch card holders)
    • Option to display barcode # of check-in screen
    • Option to always display notes on the check-in screen for a customer.  Alert sounds remain unchanged.
    • Option to allow/disallow free members from having gift passes (defaults to ALLOW since that is existing behavior)
    • Option to ignore $0.01 dues on a family member.  This is useful when $0.01 dues are used as a placeholder for “no dues”.

V1.0.44997 – Released 2/20/2013

  • New (optional) POS check-in feature.  Watch video for an explanation:
  • New Unbillable Balances report available in Billing
  • Setting to round change to nearest nickel for Canadian installations.  It actually rounds the total for the calculation when showing the change, but leaves the invoice total unchanged to allow exact change to be used if desired
  • New Quick Configure button when editing customer to save a few steps while configuring a membership
  • Unaccepted online waivers are now kept for 2 months
  • Select/Deselect all option when producing the job code report

v1.0.44028 – Released 1/10/2013

  • Bug fixes for email system

v1.0.43326 – Released 12/12/2012

  • New Bulk Note feature to Customer Queries allowing you to add notes en-masse to the results of a customer query. A popular request!
  • New Audit Log Viewer to show log of various tracked events (voids, restocks, etc.).
  • New Manual Billing Alert option (defaults to ON) that will alert at check-in for customers marked manual billing that have a balance due.  Another popular request!
  • New Recent Waiver Activity button in Find Documents window that shows the recent waiver activity.  You can use this tool to research the status of waivers.
  • New Emails Tab for sent emails on a customer
  • POS Sales By Employee can now include COLLECTED or UNCOLLECTED sales
  • Age now shown in Responsible Party list in Data Entry
  • Email queue now shows customer name
  • Note on how to give away/donate gift cards in the Gift Card window at Data Entry -> View -> Gift Card Lookup
  • International characters were not properly handled as the first letter of a search in Data Entry
  • Waiver Station – a bug was introduced in the last update that allowed the back button to be used to see the previous waiver completed.  Fixed
  • Prorated Dues window will automatically update prorated amounts as keystrokes are entered in the “Other Amount” box

v1.0.42485 – Released 11/5/2012

  • Transactional Email System
    • Send membership based emails
    • Send emails based on products being purchases
    • Emailing of invoices
    • Emailing of monthly billing notifications (if customer desires)
  • Email List Management Window
  • EFT tab is now always available, even for guests
  • Setting to list all TERMINATED members with balances in the Billing window
  • Print Invoice button now prints an invoice not a receipt

V1.0.39009 – Released 6/12/2012

  • Data Entry -> View -> Transaction Finder – a new tool that allows you to search for specific invoices and payments (yes, finally!)
  • Data Entry -> View -> Sales Summary Grid – a new tool that allows you to show a grid of all your sales. This is particularly useful for gyms on the multigym platform as you can see sales across all gyms. To have products appear on the same line with the multigym version, the products must have identical names or be linked using the linking feature (if multigym retail is enabled)
  • When customers are added manually, an optional prompt can be configured which asks “Check in this user now?”. This has always been the case for customers added from waivers, but now you can have it for manually added customers as well. To configure this option go to Data Entry -> Manage -> Configure -> Customers and check the appropriate box in the Check In section
  • Specific staff level employees can be disallowed from using POS in Data Entry -> Manage -> Employees
  • Future dues changes can now be indicated to be temporary, i.e. this customer gets $0.01 (free) dues for 2 months
  • The check-in window will display a birthday graphic when it is the customer’s birthday

V1.0.37715 – Released 4/24/2012

  • Data Entry – when a customer is selected, the box at the bottom will list both children or the parent depending upon who is selected
  • Reporting – new COGS report. This is similar to the Inventory Margin report, but will list all sales including uncollected sales
  • Reporting – Inventory Margin report now includes totals at the bottom
  • Reporting – Discount report
  • POS – you can now lookup a customer by barcode
  • Customer Queries – new “punches added” constraint
  • Multigym – All reports can now be run on remote databases
  • The usual cadre of bug fixes and internal improvements

V1.0.36523 – Released 3/6/2012

  • Digital waivers are now available on the ipad! Your customers can complete waivers right on an ipad in your facility.    Details
  • Timeclock Only staff access level
  • New SPENDING LIMITS feature and flexibility regarding customers putting items “on account”.   Customers (with credit card information) can now easily have transactions placed “on account” and you can configure maximum spending limits by customer or for all customers.
  • Customized Reports – need a report not available in RGP?  We now make a custom report just for you and you will be able to install it in RGP.   $250 one-time charge for each report created.
  • Timeclock reports can now be printed for individual employees
  • New Quantity Sold Summary Report showing the quantity of each item sold during a specific time period

V1.0.35535 – Released 1/22/2012

  • Point-Of-Sale
    • POS Transactions can now have a memo/note assigned.  Look for the note edit box at the top of the payment completion window.  These memos can be viewed in POS History, Invoice & Payments, or via a new report in Data Entry -> Reports
    • Taxable items are now marked with an astericks on receipts
    • Option in Data Entry -> Settings to default all POS transactions to Anonymous.  You can still select a customer, but selecting Anonymous is not required
    • Z-Out notes will now print along with the z-out
  • Check In
    • Terminated Members can now use guest passes.  Before these would not be allowed and RGP would indicate “only guests can use guest passes”
    • When selecting a customer to check-in manually you can right-mouse click to view a pop up with their photo, address, and info
  • Data Entry
    • Invoice & Payments -> Move Invoice – Yes, you can finally move invoices to another customer!
    • Delete Customer – Any customer can now be deleted.  If they have associated invoices, manager access will be required and, if confirmed, all the invoices will be moved to the Anonymous user
    • Advanced Button -> Move Associated Records – You can now “merge” all the records from one customer to another
    • View -> Reports -> Gift Card Balance – generate a list of outstanding gift card balances
  • Multigym
    • Concurrent gym search
    • Right-mouse click on any customer to view a pop up with their photo, address, and info

v1.0.33664 – Released 11/2/2011

  • Point Of Sale
    • The entire POS module can now be operated via keyboard.  Look for the ALT keys where indicated.  Also hold down ALT and look for additional underlined letters for additional ALT keys.  Arrow keys and ENTER work to select products
    • When searching for a product, the search query will be an AND search (chalk AND bag) rather than “chalk bag”
    • Only the staff’s first name is printed on receipts
    • Quantity check (ALT-Q)  button to see the available stock for a particular product
    • Cash drawer open button – customizable access level available in Data Entry -> Manage -> Employees
    • Additional product hot keys (CTRL keys).  Configure in Data Entry -> Manage -> Quick Buttons
    • Gift cards can now include these characters: %?$^ .  This allows some magnetic strip cards to be used
    • You can select multiple items in the transaction and apply bulk discounts
    • FIX: When selecting products with size runs, the items are now properly displayed in size order – rather than alphabetical order
    • FIX: If you are not printing credit card receipts for less than $XX, cash drawer will no longer open for those transactions
    • FIX: Products with $0 prices can now be modified by Staff access level, even if you have the price change restriction setting enabled.
  • Check In
    • Guest passes – when using a guest pass on a customer who has already used a guest patss within 30 days, there will be a confirmation message
    • Birthday shown on check in screen
  • Product Management
    • Manage -> Products now includes the ability to run the Restock report and load the items into the list for quick access
    • Inventory Restock and Count reports can now be filtered by vendor
    • Optional Target Desired field on products, allowing you to set a target quantity when running the restock reports
  • Waiver System
    • Find DocumentsREFRESH button and flash announcement when new waivers have been downloaded if you are in that window
  • Other
    • Product – All Sales report shows the payment date if it differs from the invoice date
    • Customer Select window (check in and POS) now have very convenientF-keys to quickly jump to check ins, recently used, or the search results
    • New Terms of Service window
    • You can now create 0% sales tax and assign it to products.  This is useful if you want to have tax inclusive pricing.  Assign the %0 sales tax and just do the easy math from the Sales Tax report when you file your sales taxes
    • Customer history – dates shown in proper date format
    • Delete customer photo button
    • FIX: Can now edit open time clocks
    • Deleting a customer now only requires Power User access
    • Updating RGP requires ADMIN access instead of Manager access
  • Multigym
    • Multigym reconnect bug fixed
    • Inventory can now be replicated and transferred between locations.  This is an ADVANCED feature, please contact RGP for information
    • Remote check-ins should be substantially faster

v1.0.32126 – Released 9/5/2011

  • Paperless waiver system : Details
  • Share Punch button : Available on Check-In screen, must be enabled in Settings -> Customers -> Allow Casual Punch Sharing
  • Punch Card tab stays visible for members allowing members to have punch balances.  The punches can be used with the Share Punch button described above.
  • Report improvements: Sales Report greatly improved with account/subaccount balances.  Small improvements to inventory reports.  New Inventory Adjustment report
  • POS F1-F10 quick product keys : Assign them in Data Entry -> Manage -> Quick Buttons.  Additional ALT key shortcuts.  Press ALT in POS and look for the underlined letters – those are the shortcut keys.  With the shortcut keys, many common transactions can now be processed entirely with the keyboard.
  • Recent Check-In List when selecting customers at POS or Check In
  • Option to hide barcode digits for security reasons
  • Improved Status Change window : Data Entry -> View -> Status Changes
  • Duplicate check-in sound removed, as it was causing confusion
  • Annoying “Are you sure”? confirmation window when changing customer type has been removed
  • Multigym Improvements : Gift cards can be transferred between locations.  Remote customers can be selected for Guest Passes.
  • First name check sensitivity (you have entered a possible first name in the last name field) option available in Data Entry -> Settings -> Misc
  • Billing -> Credit now has Print Report option
  • When making mass dues changes, customers with future dues are skipped
  • Three month or longer prepaid members can now be frozen
  • Staff members can now open the cash drawer from POS
  • If you enter a PIN incorrectly, the field is reset so you can enter it again
  • Numerous bug fixes

V1.0.28028 – Released 3/27/2011

  • Application button bar:  buttons along the top of all the applications to quickly switch between Data Entry, POS, and Check In.
  • Reason for termination : when you hit the TERMINATE status button, it prompts the staff for the “reason for termination” and records it in the status notes.
  • Future dues changes: you can schedule a future dues change on customers.  Example:  on May 1st the customer’s dues should become $59.99.   Only use this for specific dues changes, and continue to use the mass dues change menu item for bulk dues changes
  • Cash tendered/cash change : the cash tendered and cash change is now shown on receipt and stored in the database for later review.
  • Two customizable text fields on customers : you can name/use these for anything you want.  Examples might be lead card #, etc.  You can search these fields in customer queries.
  • PDFs can now be attached to customers
  • Advanced Search -> Notes :  Search customer notes for specific keywords
  • New Report : Dues Breakdown by month.
  • New Report : Changed memberships
  • Do Not Mailoption for customers:   You can mark a customer t obe excluded from mass mailings.  There is also a customer constraint to exclude/include these customers.
  • Customer Queries : Exclude duplicate addresses option available on mail merge output.
  • New Query Constraint : Has Email Address
  • New Query Constraint : EFT End Date
  • Customer Reports : many reports now have an option to load the list of customers in Data Entry
  • Scrolling arrow keys work for customer selection in Data Entry, Check In, Customer Selection, and Bulk Classify
  • Multigym – New Query Constraint : facility access type (just home gym or all facilities)
  • Multigym – New Report : remote visits
  • Multigym – POS  : you can now sell to remote customers at POS
  • Multigym – Waivers : each gym in a multigym environment can have their own waivers
  • Multigym – Invoice & Payments Window : can see remote POS transactions and remote documents

V1.0.27283 – Released 2/15/2011

  • FEATURE: Multigym version – transfer customers between locations
  • FEATURE: A custom line of text can be added to the bottom of receipts
  • ENHANCEMENT: Bulk classification window has keyboard shortcutsand birthday lookup to speed up document classification.  There is a tool-tip window available to see how it works when you are bulk classifying.  Once you are used to the keystrokes, you can double or triple the time it takes to bulk classify documents
  • CHANGE: Power Users can now mark a product as tax-exempt at POS (was only managers previously)
  • FEATURE: Customer Queries, new constraint for responsible party (or not)
  • FEATURE: Add-a-year button when editing prepaid customers
    FEATURE: Data Entry->Adv Search -> Birthday
  • FEATURE: Ability to assign a new master encryption key to your database.  Contact me directly if you want to use this feature
  • ENHANCEMENT:  The daily system maintenance that runs when RGP is launched each day can be configured to run along with your nightly backup.  Available in Settings.
  • ENHANCEMENT:  At POS, when a duplicate transaction is tried – the dialog that appears has been improved.
  • FIX: A rare tax rounding error was fixed
  • Lots of internal bug fixes, especially with the multigym version

V1.0.26649 – Released 1/17/2011

  • FEATURE: You can now multi-select customers in the Billing window and perform actions on the group such as Terminations, Late Fees, and even Billing the group
  • FEATURE: You can now settle credits electronically for credit card billed members in Billing.  Just issue a credit in Invoice and Payments, and go to the Credit tab in the Billing window.
  • FEATURE: New chart called “New Memberships” that displays an estimate of the number of new members for a month.  Data will begin being collected after the update.
  • FEATURE: New customer constraint – “Became Member”. This allows you to pull up the new members for a given date range.. i.e. “who became a member last month?”
  • CHANGE:  When you terminate a member from the Billing window, all of their responsible members are terminated as well
  • CHANGE:  Add guest pass button now available on Guest Pass tab of a customer
  • CHANGE:  Bulk classification now displays documents oldest to newest rather than newest to oldest
  • CHANGE:  Employee and timestamp displayed at the bottom of all reports
  • CHANGE:  XCharge’s support number is displayed on the POS credit card screen
  • CHANGE:  Split payment flow improved (slightly…)
  • FIX:  RGP can now work with Quickbooks 2011
  • FIX:  Birthday customer constraint in queries didn’t work well when combined other constraints

V1.0.25024 – Released 11/14/2010

  • FEATURE – Multiple gym support. You can now link remote RGP locations for seamless member check-in across facilities!
  • FEATURE – New Report -> Customer Notes
  • FEATURE – New Report -> Customer Check Ins
  • ENHANCEMENT – Customizable card not found sound at check-in
  • ENHANCEMENT – A unique birthday can now be used to override unique name restriction – i.e. you can add a new customer with the same name if you provide a unique birthday
  • ENHANCEMENT – Phone numbers fixed up (XXX) XXX-XXXX when possible
  • ENHANCEMENT – New Chart – Customer Subtypes

V1.0.23841 – Released 9/22/2010

  • FEATURE – New staff POWER access level:  Includes product management, customer history, checkin deletion, manage tags, guest pass overrides, and issuing credits.
  • FEATURE – Sales By Customer (ranked) report… see who your big spenders are!
  • ENHANCEMENT – Price changes in POS are now restricted to manager access only.  Can override in Settings.
  • ENHANCEMENT- Past due balance report now has last visit date and first/last name columns.  This can be sent to a mail merge easily now.
  • ENHANCEMENT – Timeclock report allows filtering by job code
  • ENHANCEMENT – RGP will warn if your system clock changes by more than 7 days.  Very useful in case your clock accidentally gets changed… which can be disastrous!
  • ENHANCEMENT – Duplicate billing report now looks at credit card expiration dates, not just last 4 digits
  • ENHANCEMENT– When you select a customer at POS, alert notes are displayed
  • ENHANCEMENT – Bulk document classification:  you can now edit the customer right from that window
  • ENHANCEMENT – Revenue/sales reports can be filtered by subaccounts.
  • Many small bug fixes

V1.0.22381 – Released 7/27/2010

  • UPDATE – Final PCI security mitigation features. Through a partnership with XCharge, RGP can now process your POS and monthly billing transactions without ever touching a credit card!  This means RGP is as powerful as ever it, but is no longer impacts your business becoming PCI compliant as mandated by the credit card industry.
  • FEATURE – EFT customers can now be assigned a manual billing option. With this option, dues will still be posted but you can settle the balance manually via check, cash, etc.  This is useful for corporate accounts, for example.
  • FEATURE – Rental Gear Included customer option can now be tied to memberships and punch cards
  • FEATURE – Customizable check in sounds
  • FEATURE – Scanned Document customer constraint for queries (i.e.  show me all customers in the last month who do NOT have a document of type waiver)

V1.0.21247 – Released 6/15/2010

  • FEATURE– XCharge Credit card processing : substantial changes to the POS payment form and EFT credit card capture in support of PCI compliance needs
  • FEATURE – Three new payment methods: Debit + two customizable ones
  • FEATURE – Can now rotate documents when scanning/viewing
  • FEATURE – Notes can now be assigned to “alert” only in the future
  • FIX: Sales tax to .XXXX digits
  • FIX: Back by popular demand, search by “, FIRSTNAME” works again

V1.0.20535 – Released 5/14/2010

  • FEATURE – Billing report improved.  Now a list of customers and their contact info with past due balances can be generated from the Billing window.
  • FEATURE – Subtype now displayed in Data Entry list and on POS when a customer selected
  • FEATURE – Adv Search -> By Type -> FREE implemented
  • FEATURE – Ability to print a product list from the product management page
  • FEATURE – Ability to print the customer grid from Data Entry
  • FEATURE – Option to NOT print credit card receipts if the transaction is less than a certain amount
  • FIX – Charts – quantity sales bug, was counting database rows not quantity sold.  Fixed.
  • FIX – Anonymous customer locks at POS (previously you couldn’t simultaneously select the Anonymous customer on two workstations)
  • FIX – Manager view documents grace period of ZERO was not working
  • FIX – Leap year birthday bugs

V1.0.19171 – Released 3/9/2010

  • FEATURE: Billing / Past Due Balance “quick actions” – see the billing quick actions video tutorial
  • FEATURE: POS customers are automatically loaded into Data Entry after the transaction is completed.
  • FEATURE: Search by phone number (Data Entry -> Adv Search)
  • FEATURE: Reverse Invoice (instead of writing off) in Data Entry -> Invoice & Payments.
  • FEATURE: Cash drawer open button in Z-Out -> Count window
  • FEATURE: Check-In History button added to Billing window.  This is useful when reviewing someone’s visit history while in billing.
  • FIX: Z-Out receipt showed other register’s transaction totals. Fixed
  • FIX: Note explaining how EFT Contract End Dates operate in Data Entry -> Setting -> Members
  • FIX: Belay certification warnings not displayed on check-in if no belay certification options are enabled
  • FIX: Non-digits are stripped when selling/redeeming gift cards (there was some problems with dashes being included)
  • FIX: When editing time-clocks you can now drop down a box to select the time
  • FIX: Hourly sales charts excludes dues payments
  • Quickbooks integration video

V1.0.18538 – Released 2/12/2010

  • FEATUREMultiple register support.  Go to Data Entry -> Manage -> Settings -> This Workstation to manage registers
  • FEATUREReal Z-Out. Check out the video tutorial.
  • FEATUREStaff job types.  You can now setup multiple job types and your staff can select which type when clocking in
  • FEATURE:  Customer city is now a query constraint in the Customer Query Window
  • FEATURE:  Additional field for vendor account number added to Vendors
  • FEATURE:  The automatic NEW check-ins created for new customers is now an option and can be disabled
  • FEATURE:  Check numbers can now be recorded when completing a sale at POS
  • FIX:  Sales report now is alphabetized by product and subtracts out gift cards
  • FIX:  Manager access now required for Adv Search -> Prepaid/EFT/Punch Card
  • FIX:  Staff can no longer edit timeclocks by double clicking on a timeclock row when clocking in
  • FIX:  “Extra Info” label now uses the appropriate label in POS

V1.0.17310 – Released 12/23/2009

  • FEATURE: Customer subtypes
  • FEATURE: New customer query constraints:  Prepaid Expiration Date, Credit Card Expiration Date, and Policies
  • FEATURE: Manager override for member guest pass restrictions (i.e. not a new customer, over monthly quota, etc.)
  • FEATURE: Z-Out report now details Gift Cards Redeemed and Gift Cards Sold
  • FIX: Gift cards could not be returned.  You can now press RETURN on a gift card in POS.
  • FIX: Progress bars did not update correctly on Win7/Vista.  Fixed.
  • FIX: Deleting check-ins correctly updates last visit date field.

V1.0.17118 – Released 12/14/2009

  • FEATURE: Document scanning and remote storage.  Never lose a waiver again! This is a big new feature for those on the Premium Support Plan.  Details on document scanning and storage are available.
  • FEATURE: Many buttons now sport pretty icons
  • FEATURE: You can now swipe a credit card into the EFT Credit Card field
  • FEATURE: Age displayed next to birthday on Customer form
  • FEATURE: Button to add a variable number of months to a prepaid membership
  • FIX: View -> List all members now requires manager password
  • FIX: Problems with launching Quickbooks integration and Charting should be fixed on 64-bit versions of Windows

V1.0.16231 – Released 11/10/2009

  • FEATUREEasy software updates.   When you update this version of RGP, expect to see a faster and more streamlined update process.
  • FEATURESecure Offsite Backup.  This is a big new feature for those on thePremium Support Plan.  All you need to do is check theSecure Offsite Backup box in Data Entry -> Manage -> Maintenance -> Backup & Restore and when your nightly backup runs the archive will automatically and securely be transferred to a remote storage location.  It couldn’t be any easier to have peace of mind!   We’ll automatically keep the last 14 days worth of your backup archives.  Find out more information on Backing Up your RGP Database as well as the Secure Offsite Backup feature.  There is no additional cost for the feature for those users on a Premium Support Plan.
  • FIX:  Advanced search Prepaid/EFT queries were returning all members. Fixed.
  • FIX:  The “products purchased” constraint in Customer Queries did not allow the selection of inactive products.  Fixed.
  • FIX:  In charts, the average daily visits chart line did not work for the current month.  Fixed.

v1.0.16091 – Released 11/2/2009

  • FEATURE –  Guest Pass System.  You can now track free monthly guest passes for your members. See Data Entry -> Configure -> Memberships to enable and configure this feature.
  • FEATURE –  Customer Queries.  New constraint on Products Purchased.  You can now return customer lists of matching customers who have purchased specific product(s).
  • FEATURE – New List All Members and List All Warnings menu items available from Data Entry -> View.
  • FEATURE – Membership totals are now reported by type (EFT, Prepaid, etc.) in Charts.
  • FEATURE – Membership totals  by Family Unit  now available in Charts.
  • FEATURE – Sales tax can now be defined to three decimal places.
  • FEATURE – Product sales by hour in Charts.
  • SPEED UP – Performance improvements when analyzing membership warnings.
  • FIX – Check in screen now returns cursor to LOOKUP field.
  • FIX – List All Members now includes FREE members.
  • FIX – Invoices/balances are now shown with sign matching proper accounting practices (the sign was incorrectly flipped before).
  • FIX – Sales tax was occasionally rounding pennies inaccurately.  Fixed.
  • FIX – Responsible parties can now be terminated provided all their responsible members were terminated.  An occasional bug/situation would prevent this operation.
  • FIX – Customer query contact lists are displayed LASTNAME | FIRSTNAME rather than FIRSTNAME LASTNAME.
  • FIX – Members excluded from check-in are no longer required to have dues, provided members have been assigned to them.

V1.0.15134 – Released 9/25/2009

  • FEATURE Sales revenue/quantity by hour is now available in Charting
  • FEATURE Add Late Fee Button available within customer account.  You can quickly access this window from billing by double clicking on a customer
  • FEATURE Void All Open Invoices Button available within a customer account.
  • FEATURE – Vendors now have an option to have their name not displayed on a receipt.  Useful for vendors like Costco, etc.
  • FEATURE Revenue sub-accounts can now be transferred into Quickbooks.
  • FEATURE Gift cards can now be recharged. Previously funds could only be added once to a gift card
  • FEATURE No Check In Option for members.  This option is useful for members who are not allowed to check in, but you have a billing relationship with.  An example might be a parent who is paying for a child
  • BUG FIX – Frozen members would still be billed for add-on products.  Fixed.

V1.0.14937 – Released 9/16/2009

  • FEATURE RGP Charting – This a big (BIG!) new feature.  Finally you can visualize the sales, memberships, and visit trends at your facility.  Check out the video tutorial!
  • FEATURE Admin Security Level –  the ‘manager’ level no longer has access to database settings and other sensitive areas of the software
  • FEATURE Multiple Add-On Membership Products – you can now attach multiple products (team dues, yoga dues, etc.) to a member’s monthly dues
  • FEATURE Customizable EFT Dues Price List – now your staff can pick from a customizable list of preset dues.  You are no longer limited to “First Customer”, “Second Customer”, etc. in the Prorated Computation window or when editing a member’s dues.
  • FEATURE Customizable Punch Increment Buttons – if you sell other than 10 or 5 count punch cards, you can now change the buttons to add as many punches as you’d like.
  • FEATURE Sales Tax Report – this report has been beefed up to include more details about sales tax related transactions
  • FEATURE Tax Exempt Sales– only managers have access to this checkbox now
  • FEATURE Exact Change Button – this button is now available when completing a payment at POS
  • FEATURE Purging of EFT Information – old credit card/checking account numbers are automatically purged from your database after a member has  been terminated and not visited for 6 months
  • FEATURE Purging of Old Member Photos – A new maintenance menu item allows deleting old member photos to free up space in your database

V1.0.14631 – Released 9/1/2009

  • FEATURE – New Customer Query Constraint – Total Visit Count
  • FEATURE – Option to automatically extend EFT contracts when thawing EFT customers
  • FEATURE – Sales @ POS by Employees report
  • FEATURE – Subtotals in the product sales report
  • FEATURE – Button to open cash drawer for managers in POS
  • FEATURE – Duplicate billing info report
  • FEATURE – Added “Waiver” column in Data Entry customer view
  • FIX – Delete tags and status when deleting an import set
  • FIX – Add a month button logic corrected.
  • FIX – Internal changes to report list

V1.0.13786 – Released 7/31/2009

  • Fix – 24bit icons included for Vista
  • Fix – Bug prevented backup utility from running on some configurations.  Fixed.

V1.0.13689 – Released 7/24/2009

  • FEATURE – Updated application icons
  • FEATURE – New customer tags and customer sourcing.  Includes prompt to ask where new customers heard about gym, ability to arbitrarily tag customers, and basic reporting
  • FEATURE – Gift card import for new gyms migrating to RGP
  • FEATURE – Customer query mail merge now exports birth year and birthday.  Useful when loading into Excel and sorting on columns.
  • FEATURE – Memberships can now be assigned as “not freezable”
  • FIX – “Exclude from POS discounts” checkbox automatically applied to subitems

V1.0.13041 – Released 7/6/2009

  • Fix -Occasional crash in check-in due to age calculation error

V1.0.12702 – Released 6/14/2009

  • FEATURE – Easy backup and restore of entire database
  • FEATURE – Gift card support
  • FEATURE – Manages can add invoices to customer’s account
  • FEATURE – Check In sounds can be disabled
  • FEATURE – New customer query constraint – Age In Years Between
  • FIX – Declined ACH payments now display proper decline information
  • FIX – Next and Last Bill Dates displayed in regional date format
  • FIX – Birthday entry bug fix (transposed MM/DD)
  • FIX – Age properly displayed on check in screen
  • FIX – Split payments now properly show on receipt
  • FIX – Changing EFT information unchecks the “exclude from billing checkbox”
  • FIX – Subitems cannot be added to Extra Dues product

V1.0.11820 – Released 5/8/2009

  • Feature – Date information added to clocks
  • Feature – Option to always print receipts in POS
  • Feature – Birthday entry is now MM/DD/YYYY for US and Canada installations
  • Feature – Error message displayed and SQL statement copied for errors on data migration
  • Fix – Fixed EFT Couple/Family termination chicken-and-egg issue
  • Fix – Prevented last manager from being assigned a different customer type, thus blocking access for a manager

V1.0.11361 – Released 4/21/2009

  • Feature – Check In screen now contains contact info and Edit Customer button
  • Feature – New Option. Enable/Disable membership alerts on members w/o photos
  • Feature – New Option. Check In Alert if visitor hasn’t visited in a certain time period
  • Feature – New Option. Expire waivers after specified number of months
  • Feature – Quantity spinners on POS screen

V1.0.10815 – Released 4/1/2009

  • Feature – 5 punch button
  • Feature – Modified/improved confidential data encryption
  • Fix – Configuration wizard now prompts to download 64-bit MySQL options when needed
  • Various minor bug fixes

V1.0.10525 – Released 3/17/2009

  • Feature – Any card with a magnetic strip (driver’s licenses, etc.) can be used as amembership card (requires a magnetic card reader)
  • Fix – Punch card expiration code reworked.
  • Fix – ACH payments now transmitted as Submitted rather than Generated
  • Fix – Generic guest customer cannot be deleted
  • Fix – Refresh code on check-in module wasn’t always working. Fixed

V1.0.10264 – Released 3/4/2009

  • Feature Quickbooks Integration.  Create daily journal entries directly from RGP!
  • Feature – Discounts can be automatically applied in the POS module for members and punch card customers
  • Feature – Added YOUTH belay certification
  • Feature Added “Closer” access level for staff members.  “Closers” have access to batching out and the z-out report
  • Feature ZOut report button added to POS history
  • Feature Multiple cash drawer support
  • Fix – RAW ACHWorks responses are stored for later debugging
  • Fix – Receipts for payments against multiple invoices changed
  • Fix – “Access id of 0″ bug when attempting to add a new user across computers. Fixed
  • Fix – Daily maintenance routine now launched when all programs start daily
  • Fix – ZOut reporting bug on split payments. Fixed
  • Fix – Unsettled payments from billing aren’t reported in Z-Out until settled
  • Fix – Data Entry -> Employees occasional crashed. Fixed
  • Fix – Sales tax reporting bug. Fixed.Fix – Refresh button in POS module.  Fixed
  • Fix – Special products cannot be made inactive in Edit Product dialog. Fixed

V1.0.9601 – Released 2/4/2009

  • FeatureData migration/customer import support.  You can now migrate customers from other software products into RGP!
  • Feature – Two additional climbing certifications added – “Bouldering” and “Just Climb
  • Feature – Climbing certifications can now be optionally used within your facility
  • Feature – Added “Bouldering Only Facility Access” option for customers
  • Feature – Added “Rental Gear Included” option for customers
  • Feature – Added SQL Command Execution window (advanced users only!)
  • Fix – One month memberships created in February now are 30 days long, rather than the 28 days of February (it wasn’t exactly fair to customers since they got shortchanged if they purchased a one month membership in February)
  • Fix – Prevented last manager from being deleted, thus preventing access to RGP
  • Fix – Improved performance of mail merge text file creation
  • Fix – Added index on FACILITY_WAVER_DATE to improve daily maintenance performance with large customer sets

v1.0.8921 – Released 1/6/2008

  • FEATURE – New Cost of Restocks report
  • FEATURE – Option added for managers to stay logged in when in Data Entry
  • FEATURE – Warning added about scanning punch cards on the day of sale if the customers is planning on using the facility (so customer isn’t given an accidental free day)
  • FEATURE – Added “Age In Years (At Least)” customer constraint
  • FIX – Display warning if RGP is attempted to be used with MySQL Server version less than 5.0
  • FIX– Small cosmetic change to receipts
  • FIX– $1,000 or greater transactions produced error with XCharge.  Fixed.

v1.0.8501 – Released 12/20/2008

  • FEATURE – New Customer Query window.  This is the beginnings of a comprehensive query tool for analyzing your customer database.  You can export email lists, contact lists, or mailing lists.
  • FEATURECanadian Postal Codelookup in Data Entry when entering new customers.
  • FEATURE – All database tables migrated to UTF8charset for multilanguage support.
  • FEATURECountry field added to customers.
  • FEATURE – Guests now have unique sound when they are checked in.
  • FEATUREExtra Dues Item support.  Allows assigning an additional product (such as Climbing Team) to be billed along with a member’s monthly dues
  • FEATURE – Added Facility Location setting in the Configuration menu.
  • FIX – Database schema updated to schema #7.
  • FIX – Menu items reorganized (note new VIEW menu).
  • FIX – Email Address window replaced by Customer Query window.
  • FIX – New window created specifically to remove email addresses from the database.  Data Entry -> Maintenance -> Remove Email Addresses
  • FIX– ACHWorks NOC codes C01/C02 now properly handled.  Previously the changed routing numbers and account numbers were ignored.
  • FIX – Added customer warning that ACH billing is only valid in US/Canada.
  • FIX – Removed Terminated members from Data Entry -> Adv Search -> Warnings.  Not sure why they were included in this first place.
  • FIX – Canadian bank routing numbers no longer create a warning.
  • FIX – Reworked how sales tax is tracked and reported.
  • FIX – Added warning for manual account unfreezes.

v1.0.8219 – Released 12/8/2008

  • FEATURE – Export email address of customers with upcoming birthday
  • FEATURE – Automatic MySQL component download and installation
  • FEATURE – Total customer count displayed in Advanced Search window
  • FIX – Modify MySQL settings to avoid “MySQL Server has gone away errors”
  • FIX– Modified ICVerify export

v1.0.8078 – Released 12/2/2008

  • FEATURE– XCharge credit card support allows integrated credit card swiping within the POS module.  This is a significant enhancement that removes the need for an external credit card terminal!
  • FEATURE – One week membership buttons made available on Membership tab
  • FEATURE – Reports can be filtered by revenue category
  • FEATURE – Check-Ins can be deleted in the Check-In module
  • FEATURE – Advanced Search now includes the ability to search by email
  • FEATURE – Unpaid balances and account credits can now be combined with front counter transactions in the POS module.  If a customer has either a positive or negative account balance, this will automatically be shown when their name is selected in the POS module and the balance can be applied to their current transaction
  • FEATURE – New window to make mass EFT dues changes
  • UPDATE – Database updated to schema #5
  • FIX – Minor changes to the software update process
  • FIX – Database timeout messages should no longer appear, as RGP will attempt to reconnect to the database is the connection has timed out
  • FIX – If a customer has a past due balance AND no billing information and checks-in, a proper warning is displayed
  • FIX – Discounts are now properly shown on receipts
  • FIX – Major receipt printing fixes and enhancements
  • FIX – Some dates were not properly being recorded in a customer’s change history. This was fixed.
  • FIX – Option to not prorate “other” amount in EFT prorated dialog was added
  • FIX – Customers without a billing relationship can no longer have credits added to their account

v1.0.7430 – Released 11/5/2008

  • FEATURE – RGP now works with all international currencies, date formats, and character sets
  • FEATURE – Minors (under 18 – customizable) who turn 18 automatically have their waiver expire
  • FEATURE – Multiple sales taxes can be split on receipts (useful for Canada)
  • FEATURE – POS cash buttons can be customized (useful for international currencies)
  • FEATURE – Unpaid invoices can be reassigned to a different customer if required
  • FIX– Timeclock report properly sorted by last name
  • FIX – Staff members can now be billed on EFT billing if required