Get Started with RGP Cloud

RGP Cloud is a remotely hosted deployment option for the Rock Gym Pro software. With RGP Cloud your database and RGP information are securely hosted on a server that we maintain - in the cloud. The only thing you’ll need to access the software is an internet connection and a lightweight Windows-based computer.

To get started using RGP Cloud, please complete the brief form below.

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If you are new to Rock Gym Pro, please complete the form below to get started with RGP Cloud.

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If you’re using member management software at your facility, when would you like to migrate your existing data to Rock Gym Pro? (Allow a minimum of two weeks to complete)

If you are an existing Rock Gym Pro customer looking to transition to RGP Cloud, please complete the form below.

When would you like to switch your facility from the installed version of Rock Gym Pro to RGP Cloud? (Allow a minimum of two weeks to complete)

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* Integrated CC processing is available in U.S. and Canada only.
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